26.2 Marathon and Half Marathon Tips

1. With proper rest you will overcompensate for training allowing you to do something you have never done before.
2. Address all lingering aches and pains as you get closer to race day to make sure they do not flare up at the wrong time.
3. Tapering is one thing.  Not running is another.  Your body likes rest but does not like inactivity.
4. You will be a hypochondriac during race week.
5. Use your best “normal” diet for race week.  Do not start something new no matter how good it may be.
6. Pay attention to details including race logistics.  It would be sad to see your training wasted on a logistical problem.
7. Avoid getting psyched up.  Remain relaxed as much as possible because you will need the fuel later.
8. Ever heard someone say they should have started a marathon or half marathon faster?
9. Perceived exertion will desert you at the start, so when in doubt slow down.
10. Run 20 miles with your head and 6.2 with your heart!  10 miles and 5K for half marathoners.
11. Relax at the start and through large spectator points because your adrenaline will carry you through there effortlessly.
12. Courses may dictate otherwise, but even splits are the most efficient way to run fast.
13. Try to run slightly faster the second half and if you can’t you may still run even or at least very close.
14. Control the variables you can and deal with the ones beyond you.
15. All anyone can ever hope for is to run up to their training.
16. Trust your training and plan your marathon pace accordingly.  It is goal pace not dream pace.
17. Adjust your plan as needed.  Know ahead of time what to do if conditions change or if you do not feel great.
18. It will be your legs that go, not your breathing, so focus on muscular tension when judging effort.
19. Where skin or clothing rubs skin apply body glide.  The post race shower will be more pleasant.
20. Run tangents because 26.2 and 13.1 are far enough.
21. Aid stations will slow you down but not as much as skipping them.
22. Throughout the race gauge your fuel tank and make sure you have just enough to get to the finish.
23. At some point it is going to get difficult.  Stay positive.  You have trained for this.  It would not be a big deal if is was easy.
24. Remember you owe your non-running loved ones for living with you through training and race day.
25. If you can do this what else did you doubt you might be able to accomplish?
26. Run Smart.  Run Hard.
26.2  Have fun!!!