About Coach Matt Ebersole

Since founding Personal Best Training in 1991, Coach Matt Ebersole has worked with over 7,000 runners of all abilities and aspirations.  He has helped thousands run their first or best half and full marathons, hundreds qualify for the Boston Marathon, and 8 qualify for the Olympic Trials.  Matt offers group training programs and highly individualized private coaching to help runners get faster, pursue new challenges, or simply have more fun running.  He has also served as the Elite Athlete and Pace Team Coordinator for the Monumental Marathon since 2013.

What MATT Can Do for YOU

Matt Ebersole, combining the knowledge and experience of 35+ years of running and 25+ years of coaching with countless speaking and writing opportunities, has learned how to connect with runners of all ages, abilities, experiences, and goals.

People get involved in training for endurance events for many reasons.  They may be social, personal growth, health, fitness, or competitive.  Many times the reasons change over the years for the same person.  Matt can meet them where they are and help them find the most meaning in their pursuit.

Having worked with the full range of athletes and exercisers, Matt can share his expertise in running and triathlon for sport and exercise as well as cross training, general fitness and weight management.

Coach Ebersole can help beginners or people struggling with consistency to find their keys to motivation and turn intentions into habits.  Matt is able to help people find ways to adapt training and exercise to real life situations.

Matt has written for many publications including a weekly column for 13 weeks leading up to the Mini Marathon for the Indianapolis Star and can write for your organization’s newsletter or website.

Presentations may be given in several formats including lecture, question and answer, demonstration and participation activities.  Available for a onetime event or in time frames as frequent or intermittent as fits your needs.