The difference is the coaching and the focus on you!


Private Coaching for Runners & Triathletes

Private coaching is individualized and based on your athletic history, life situation, and goals. We will start with a personal consultation to discuss your profile and the principles that will guide your training.  Your plan will be updated every 2-4 weeks based on your progress and feedback to keep your plan on target.  You are the only concern with this program that tailors everything to your needs to be your best.  
Runners $300/3 months, $450/6 months, $800/12 months/Triathletes $400/3 months, $600/6 months, $1,000 for 12 months. Payment plans are available for the 6 and 12 month options.  Hourly rates are also available for consultation at $80/hour for individuals and $100/hour for groups. 


Join a group of runners that want to enjoy camaraderie as they pursue fun, fitness, and competition.  We have beginners and Olympic Trials qualifiers in the Running Club.  Membership includes group workouts on Tuesdays (structured quality sessions) and Saturdays (long runs), a group training plan on Training Peaks, weekly email updates, and group social events.  Membership is 12 months (not a calendar year) so join anytime.  ($150 for 12 months)

Corporate & Community Group Training & Public Speaking

Personal Best Training can help your business or group organize and administer a training program that will benefit your employees or community. Need a speaker for an event or workshop? Contact Personal Best Training for a speaker for many health & fitness and endurance sports topics. (Pricing varies)

Beyond Monumental Training Options

> Free Multi Level Training Plans with Race Registration

> Customized Plan $80

>One on One Consultation $80/HR

>Speed Sessions $75

>Private Coaching Beginning at $300 for 3 months (see above for more details)

I have teamed up with the Monumental Marathon to offer several marathon and half marathon plans. You will see more about this in Beyond Monumental emails. Enjoy these free “Finisher, Pacer, & Racer” plans courtesy of the CNO Financial Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. If you like these plans but prefer to have one customized for you complete a thorough Runner Profile questionnaire and I will adjust your plan to fit your current fitness level, goals, race schedule, and time commitment for $80.

Do you have more questions and wish to consult me about your training? This is available by appointment for $80 an hour by phone or in person in the Indianapolis area. Looking for the most individualized and personal coaching option? Private coaching packages start at just $300 for 3 months.

A great hybrid option are my Speed Sessions. You can join my Tuesday quality workouts in Broad Ripple along with a day by day group training plan for the Monumental Marathon or Half Marathon posted on Training Peaks. These will run every Tuesday from now until the race on November 9th. The focus will be on challenging you, training smarter, getting faster, and having more fun. If any or all of these are appealing, then these sessions will be for you. Each workout is structured with a specific training purpose in mind and will be explained thoroughly and given at levels for the most competitive and accomplished runners to those just beginning to explore higher quality training. All speeds are welcome. The workouts will include stamina building steady state runs, long intervals, and economy and speed building shorter anaerobic intervals, as well as mixes of these training types. We will meet where E. 67th St. meets the Monon Trail (near the Indianapolis Art Center). We have access to the trail, a hill circuit, a track, and great road loops and courses. These are all used for appropriate workouts.  We will meet at 5:40pm and start the warm-up by 5:45pm.

Here is a sample day as posted on Training Peaks.

Training Peaks for Programs.jpg


For more information call Matt Ebersole at (317) 407-7052.