It Begins with the First Mile

The first thing to be done before beginning work towards you next running goal is to recover from the last one.  Whether the last goal was met successfully or not, you put a great deal of physical and emotional energy into the pursuit.  Without proper recovery you are beginning your next quest at a deficit.  

For many runners the physical recovery is easier and quicker than the emotional.  It is not only the physical demands of the last race but the preceding training buildup that require recovery.  In most situations a week of very limited or no running followed by a very light week of easy running will take care of your body's need for recovery.  After those two weeks easing back into a normal training level should have your body again ready to respond to training.

A properly challenging goal requires an ongoing state of enthusiasm, motivation, and emotional investment.  This is what may require a little extra recovery.  To return to this state and to be able to maintain it for the next training cycle can only be done with thorough recovery.  If you short change yourself here there will be a point in the next cycle where training begins to feel like a job and your enthusiasm begins to wane and your body will no longer willingly follow the mind's orders.  If you need a little extra time then take it now before at an inopportune time your body and mind demand more recovery.  When this is complete you can begin your gradual and progressive training leading to the accomplishment of your next goal.

If Yogi Berra was a running coach he would tell you that every run and every running goal begins with the first mile.  If your recovery is complete and you are looking forward to preparing for your next great thing then I invite you to join us on Thursday, June 5th for that first mile.  We will be racing down Meridian Street at the inaugural Monumental Mile.