The goal is this feeling at the finish!

The goal is this feeling at the finish!

Race Planning

Limiting Factors

Endurance, stamina, economy, speed, hydration, glycogen, sodium.

Legs vs. Lungs


Gerry Purdy


Geoffrey Mutai 2:03:02/1:01:54/1:01:08 (46 seconds faster)

Bezunesh Deba 2:19:59/1:09:28/1:10:31 (63 seconds slower)

Paula Radcliffe 2:15:25/1:08:02/1:07:23 (39 seconds faster)

Pessimist, Realist, Optimist

General Race Plan (The course or weather may require adjustments)

Start to 3M Don't give time away, but let the pace come to you. This may be slightly slower than goal pace . Your perceived exertion will not be working well in the first mile or two. It will feel easier than it is.

3M-6M Still out too fast, dial it back. Overdid the easy, gradually increase pace and try to be back on track by 6M (don't try to get it all back too fast). Right on pace, then stay there.

6-9M Now we know what the day is offering. Stay in control and adjust gradually to how you are feeling. Speed up, slow down, or hold. The real racing starts at 9M.

9-12M Now we are managing legs, lungs, and fuel. No big moves, but this should feel like racing and be hard. In this context, keep thinking about being able to hold the pace through to the finish.

12-13.1 Empty the tank and leave nothing.

By the way, if run to perfection this plan results in even splits.

Basic Nutrition Plan

6-8 oz every 20-30:00 minumum

1 gel or 100 calories at 8 or 9M.

General Race Plan (The course or weather may require adjustments)Start-5M Stay relaxed and err on the side of slower

5-13.1M Adjust based on how you are feeling and what the day has to offer.

13.1-20 (20 is halfway!) Last chance to slow down voluntarily if it is not your day. 16M begins the window for beginning a long drive of increasing effort the rest of the way home.

20-23 Just get through 23, you can do anything for 5K

23-26.2 Break it down to as small of segments as needed to stay focused.

By the way, if run to perfection this plan results in even splits.

Basic Nutrition Plan

6-8 oz every 20-30:00 minumum

NaCl tabs if over 60 degress

1 gel or 100 calories at 6, 10, 14, 18, 22M

Course Maps

Camel Marathon & Half

Boston Marathon

World Record Splits for Major Track Distances

800m David Rudisha 1:40.91

200m splits (23.5, 25.8, 25.0, 26.6)/400m splits (49.28, 51.63)

Mile (1609m) Hicham El Guerrouj 3:43.13

400m splits (55.6, 56.0, 56.3, 55.2)/800m splits (1:51.6, 1:51.5)

3000m Daniel Komen 7:20.67

1000m splits (2:25.89, 2:27.29, 2:27.49)

2 Miles (3218m) Daniel Komen 7:58.9

400m splits (58.9, 62.2, 58.8, 59.9, 60.1, 58.9, 61.1, 58.7)

Mile splits (3:59.8, 3:58.8)

5,000m Kenenisa Bekele 12:37.35

1000m splits (2:33, 2:32, 2:32, 2:31, 2:29)

10,000m Kenenisa Bekele 26:17.53

1000m splits (2:40, 2:36, 2:38, 2:37, 2:39, 2:35, 2:39, 2:41, 2:40, 2:32)

5000m splits (13:09.19, 13:08.34)

Strength Training

The are countless exercises and variations of which some would be as good or better than what is listed.  Your body and specific needs will determine what works best.  The following is a very good starter program.


Consistency is paramount.

Strength Training for Running

Must not inhibit running or recovery and is measured by being able to train without injury and eventually allow for more training.  We do not need an aerobic component to strength training.  There is a place for this as cross training, but cannot take away from run training.

How do we measure success

Running Healthier and Faster

It should feel right

Stop if there is any pain or you simply don't feel comfortable with an exercise

Cautionary tale

Basic 8

Generally 2 sets to fatigue is effective.

Glute Contractions Both, Single, Quick

Clamshell Slightly Bent Leg

Magic Hip Maintain 45°

Hip Flexors High Knees

Hamstring Curl Single Band or Machine

Quads Step Downs Single Legs Squats

Calves Single Leg ROM 1 & 5 on the ground

Anterior Tibialis Alternating


Glutes Squats Both & Single

Ceiling Raise Single

Glutes/HipsSide ShuffleW/Band

Clamshell Slightly Bent Leg Add Band

Magic Hip Maintain 45° Add Band

Hip Flexors High Knees Add Band

Ham/Glutes Bridges Double

Bent or Straight Leg Single

QuadsWall Sit/Slide

Squats Add Weight

Calves Caution

Ant Tib Caution

FeetToe Resistence


General Tripod Balance

Run Specificity




Running Mileage/Intensity Balance